Ron Harrell, founder and CEO of Power Traction and MyOffice. As a Professional EOS Implementer, Ron’s primary focus is to help entrepreneurs get more out of their business by implementing the Entrepreneur Operating System, (EOS). EOS is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Implementing EOS will help you and your leadership team get better at three things:

  • Vision – getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there.
  • Traction® – instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision—every day.
  • Healthy – helping your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team.

Ron has introduced to the EOS system a few years ago and immediately put it to work at MyOffice and achieved transformational results, both in the success of the business and his leadership role. At the start of his journey with EOS, Ron was frustrated with putting out constant fires, not making enough profit, and dealing with people issues.

Ultimately, he didn’t like his job. Fast forward to today, he is able to step away from the day to day management of MyOffice, allowing him time to do what he loves to do, and the company is running smoothly, making more money with significantly lower stress on the entire team who are engaged and thriving.

In addition to Ron’s entrepreneurial journey, he also spent the last 15 years doing a deep dive in personal development work including completing a Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology and several other personal development programs. The combination of Ron’s knowledge around human behavior and his many years of entrepreneurship and engagement in peer-to peer-organizations allows him to be a better Teacher, Implementer and Coach for all of his EOS clients.